Dr. Richard J Norris is a career educator, who has embraced network marketing as the single best way for an average person to have their own business, yet have the independence to run that business from anywhere, at any time.  He is passionate about helping other home business owners learn the secrets to connecting with prospective customers and business partners, without having to chase after friends and family, or waste money on expensive, non-responsive leads. Dr. Norris holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a PhD from Texas A&M University, relying on over 30 years of teaching experience to guide the people he works with through the steps they need to take to avoid the pitfalls that lead to many leaving their home based business before they experience the success they seek. Even though he’s in his late 50’s, when not working his business and coaching business partners, Richard can be found playing ice hockey in the Hockey North America league in his home town of St. Louis, MO.  He’s been a fan of the St. Louis Blues for over 40 years (longer than most of his teammates have been alive) and is still waiting for that first Stanley Cup! If you have any questions, Dr. Norris is always happy to set up a consultation call.


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