Advertising On Facebook Without the Risk of Your Account Being Shut Down

I’m just going to say it. Facebook doesn’t like us. By us I mean those of us with home based businesses that can be referred to as Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company distributors. In fact, if you use those terms in discussions on your Facebook page, even if it is a Fan Page specifically designated as a business, you will at the very least be extremely frustrated as you see attempted boosted post after post rejected. At the very worst, you run the risk of having your page completely locked down and banned from Facebook for good. That being said, there’s no reason to abandon Facebook as a viable resource to building your business or using it for what it is, a great means for advertising and building your brand!  So, what’s the answer?

Native Advertising

While it doesn’t like Network Marketing or MLM, Facebook loves native advertising. So, what do we mean by that. Blog sites are great examples of how you can utilize native advertising, and why more and more Facebook marketers, who never even contemplated blogging in the past are now embracing it. A blog post, such as this one, that is hosted on a site separate from Facebook is a great way to utilize Facebook advertising to the followers who have liked your page, without running foul of their bias against work from home opportunities. You can do a brief introduction of a topic on Facebook, such as talking about how advertising there is great for business and then send them to a link to your blog that then goes into greater detail about strategies that can be employed, like boosting posts, likes campaigns, etc. And, while they are on your blog site they could see ads (native to your blog page and not Facebook) that leads them to information on affiliate products you are promoting, a link to your business opportunity, or anything else that you wish to represent there, and Facebook will be cool with that. As long as you aren’t sending them from Facebook directly to a “Make Money from Home” site that hypes how much they can make, but instead are providing good quality content that is educational, you will be golden.  You are strictly sending them to an article on your blog that provides them with valuable information, clicking on any of the ads you may have on your site is then their choice to make, and Facebook has no issue if they do, in fact, they won’t know.

What Kind of Content Should You Provide?

Once you have sharply defined your market, immerse yourself in it. By that, I mean learn everything you can about the market you have selected to work in and make yourself valuable by taking what you learn and turning it into information that your followers can utilize. I’ve discussed in a previous article the importance of branding yourself, and providing valuable content on a consistent basis is the best way, and that can best be accomplished by constantly investing in yourself through training that you can then teach. It works in any market, if you are a home business owner, or one who’s business is the more traditional brick and mortar kind. The more valuable you can make yourself to the marketplace, the more people will visit your page and be inclined to check out your native advertising that you can host on a site such as a blog. Oh, and it doesn’t have to be your blog, though I personally believe it’s better if it is.  Perhaps the company that you are a distrbutor for has a great blog with information about working from home, that also provides a link to information on getting started and you have your own personal link that you can send traffic to from Facebook, that can work as well.  Most affiliate products have such sites, as they are well aware of the value of native advertising and getting the most from Facebook. Utilize these resources, but please strongly consider creating your own content and building your reputation with those that like your Facebook page.  So, it’s a win – win. You become more and more valuable to your marketplace and you can utilize one of the best vehicles for building a business online – Facebook, without risking being banned.

If you want to know more about native advertising, Facebook marketing or other subjects related to creating an online presence that will allow you to develop your business, regardless of what kind it happens to be, please contact me at, and click on the image below for a preview of the best Facebook training course I have found.

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Advertising On Facebook Without the Risk of Your Account Being Shut Down

  1. Quite brilliant Richard, I tend to use facebook and send them to a capture page, or a blog page where a really non invasive pop up will give the viewer the option of opting in.

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  2. Going from Facebook to a capture page can be tricky, especially if you want to drive traffic through advertising. Facebook is pretty hard nosed when it comes to sending people to anything that hints at a business opportunity outright. But, you are perfectly safe in sending them to your blog, as long as the post is delivering good educational content and it’s not just a glorified sales page. Your visitors should be able to leave your page with information they can use even if they don’t buy anything at all from you (which makes them want to keep coming back for more and eventually something you do offer at a cost will appeal to them, because they know you are someone who deals in value).


    • You can get added to the newsletter by going to my Facebook page, and click on the email signup app button. For the blog, hit the follow button and you’ll get a message alerting you when a new blog post has been added.


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