The Power of Consistency

There are many keys to building a successful business, regardless of if it is a traditional brick and mortar one, or one based on the internet, but few if any have the power of just being consistent.  Businesses are built day by day, and anyone who sets out to create a serious income from home needs to be prepared for the fact that it takes time, but, the more consistency you bring to the way you approach things, the faster you can expect to see results.  Far too often, people come into a home business and treat it as a hobby, instead of something that has the power to create a serious stream of income.  Some of this has to do with the relatively inexpensive cost of joining a home business opportunity.  Even if you join one that costs a couple thousand dollars to start (many can be much cheaper and some can be higher), compared to starting a franchise in the fast food industry, this is a small investment and many just don’t take it as seriously as they would if they had ten times that amount on the line.  Yet, I know home business owners who are taking home salaries far higher than those franchise owners, and they are doing it from anywhere they want, instead of being tied to their business in a specific location.

What Does Consistency Look Like?

Consistency starts with a routine that you do every day.  Here are a few of the items that I think should be a priority for the serious home business owner on a daily basis, but you need to develop your own list:

  1. Contact leads that have raised their hands for more information.  This is a must on a daily basis to make sure that you are reaching out in a timely basis.  If they don’t hear from you quickly after making a request to be contacted, they will move on to someone else!
  2. Create content for your selected vehicles to connect with people (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your blog, etc.).  Giving value to your audience is what will keep them coming back to visit you and it is how you build relationships.
  3. Make time for personal training.  This can be a course you purchased to improve your own business, a training webinar, session with your personal coach, etc.  By constantly learning, you are doing two things, 1) you are staying up to date on the best practices in marketing your niche business, and 2) you are making yourself more valuable to those who choose to join you, either directly in your business, as a customer, or as a coaching client.  If you are investing in yourself though information products, webinar training, coaching, or live events, you will never run out of content to talk about on your various social media marketing efforts.  Your notes, and you should always take notes, are pure gold that can be used to develop topics for videos, blog posts and updates on places like Facebook, etc.
  4. Plan for tomorrow.  Make a list of the leads that need to be contacted the next day, the training you want to do and the topic of your next content piece.  That way you hit the ground running the next day.  Many home business owners get started while still holding down a full time job, so time is a premium.  Having a plan for the day as soon as it starts knocks procrastination on its butt before it can get a hold on you.

Consistency and Hard Times

Not only is being consistent a powerful way to build a business, it can be your greatest ally when times get tough.  Having a consistent plan gives you direction and once it becomes a part of your routine, it’s next to impossible to knock you off course, even when things get rough.  Whether the tough times are business related, when you have people leave your business, an ad doesn’t work like you thought it should, whatever the issue, or it’s a personal situation, developing consistency early on will help you refocus and push through, where others will throw up their hands and quit.  Many, many times people quit their businesses just before a major breakthrough would have happened, had they just been able to continue on, and many times it’s a lack of consistency in how they approach their daily activities that makes that impossible.  While I will push you to get out of your comfort zone as often as you can to try new things for your business (like making videos to promote what you do), we all find something reassuring about a routine that we are used to.  Developing a consistent routine that impacts your business in a positive manner daily, will not only sustain you through the tough times, they will help you survive them with your business intact and poised to continue its growth.

Hope this helps and that you take it to heart and develop a daily “Consistency Plan” that is designed to build your business and enable you to be the most productive person you can be, day by day.  After all, that’s how businesses are built!


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