Using Video to Personalize Your Capture Pages and Other Advertisements

In my last post I discussed how to utilize video to engage your audience and build a relationship that simply can’t be accomplished through written word alone.  By being able to see and hear you, a bond is established that helps to build a connection that can lead to a business relationship that is beneficial to both you and them.  Even if you are delivering excellent information that is highly reliable, if you’re only using a written version of it you are leaving a lot to chance that a connection can be made between you and the reader.  So again, I urge you to use video to it’s fullest.  All the top marketers are, if that serves as a hint.

Now, video can also have a major impact on your direct marketing efforts, where you only have seconds to convince a potential buyer to make the decision to invest in something you have to offer.  I’m going to offer two sample funnels, both pointing to the same end, a chance to check out information regarding a marketing system being used by top money earners in the internet marketing industry.  One will be a traditional capture page with a headline and a brief call to action.  The other will actually have a video message that I recorded and the call to action will come from me, someone they have now had a chance to see and hear, rather than just some words on a page.

Traditional Capture Page:

Video Free Capture Page

Capture Page with Video:

Video Capture Page

Click on the links and compare the two capture pages.  Both are designed to send visitors to the same information, the first by a headline and brief information, and the second by a personal invitation from me.  Now, I much prefer the video ad, because one, in my testing, it is getting me leads, while I am not attracting leads through the more traditional capture page, and two, once inside, they will get a second video from me welcoming them to the information, further laying the foundation for a working relationship together.  Video can be a powerful alley in your marketing efforts and should not be treated lightly.

Now, if you want more information on how to utilize video to your advantage, either in a direct relationship effort or in sales marketing, I am always happy to talk to you.  Just contact me at and we can schedule a Skype call where I can share my desktop and really walk you through my plan and what’s working for me.

And, if you want to know how I created those capture pages, both with video and without, and the marketing system that I rely on to develop and expand my internet presence, then simply put your information into either of those links and you will be taken to a great video presentation on the power that you can literally have to fuel your business building efforts.  And, once you get to the video, look above it and you will see a download link for a f.r.e.e. Facebook Cheat Sheet as a gift for just checking it out.

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