Utilizing Video to Build and Engage Your Audience

I know that many of you won’t want to hear this, but video is one of, if not the best avenue for building a relationship with your audience.  By seeing and hearing you, they get to know you in a way that reading posts or emails from you just can’t accomplish.  I say you won’t want to hear this because nearly everyone, who  does for the first time, cringes at the thought of being video taped and then put out there for everyone to see.  I certainly know I did.  And that was right before accepting a challenge to post a video a day for 90 days!  Talk about jumping in with both feet!  But, that’s what it takes to get good at anything, right?  So, here are some tips on using video for your Facebook, Twitter or other social media posts.

  1. Just do it!  Yes, your first videos will suck.  Put them up anyway.  You’re human, not a machine and letting your audience see that isn’t at all bad.  These may be the same people who you will be coaching or partnering with in the future and when you tell them to start doing video, they can think back about when you first started and how much better your videos are and realize that they too can do this.  And, you’re videos will get better the more you do them (although I have a lot of outtakes that I may put together for an entertaining video at some point in the future).
  2. Speak from the heart, not from a script.  Yes, prepare in your head what you want to say, but scripts make you sound robotic and very few will every want to follow someone who doesn’t sound genuine.
  3. Introduce yourself and where you’re from, even though you expect your audience to know who you are for the most part.  I have 100+ new likes to my Facebook page and dozens new on Twitter daily, so it never hurts to remind them of who you are and where you’re located (you never know when someone from your local area will hear that you live there too and want to reach out).  Also, a reason for an intro is that sometimes there is a lag time on the internet when a video starts, so if they miss anything at the beginning it’s your intro and not the really important stuff you’re wanting to get out to them!
  4. Keep it short, especially for Social Media sites.  Attention span is short on places like Facebook, so keep it to roughly a minute or less.
  5. End your video with a Call to Action!  I use my videos routinely to send viewers to more information on a given topic that I introduce, a new blog post (yep, I’ll be doing one for this article for sure), a link to a training or information product that I have tried and feel would be beneficial to building their business as well.

Here’s an example of a video I did where I talked to my audience about common fears when it comes to making a home business successful.  I had already done a blog post on this topic, but I reinforced it with a video, where they could hear and see me, rather than just rely on my written words.

I will end here, but there’s another discussion regarding video that needs to be had and that is how it can be used to enhance your marketing endeavors.  So, look for that to be the topic of my next post!

Hope this was of benefit.  Now, get to taping those videos and get them out there in front of your market.

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