Why vs. Vision – The Difference is Powerful

When most people join a Network Marketing opportunity and start learning how to build their business, their up line often tells them that the key to success is, “You have to find your prospects ‘WHY’!”  Now, what do the mean?  What they are telling you is that you need to identify why they are looking to join an opportunity to work from home.  Perhaps it’s to spend more time with the family, or they want to retire early.  Those are good starts, but if that’s all there is, it’s not nearly enough.

Let me divert from the business side for a minute to talk about a recent personal journey that I think illustrates what I mean.  In August of 2013, after a long battle with ovarian cancer, I lost my wife of nearly 28 years.  It left me not only emotionally broken, but physically broken as well.  As the primary caregiver for over two years, and being confined much of that time to home, I had allowed my weight to escalate to the point that, by the time my wife passed away, I was carrying 280 pounds on my 5 ft. 8 in. frame.  Basically, I was a walking time bomb for a stroke or heart attack.  Now, I had an obvious why for losing weight, to live.  But, I can tell you, at that time that would not have been enough to make a serious change.  I didn’t need a why, what I needed was a VISION!  A vision of what having the weight gone would look like, besides just a longer life.  So, I sat down first, before starting the program that ultimately led to a 73 pound loss in less than a year and created a short term and long term vision, complete with goals along the way,  I started in November of 2013, and my first vision had to do with a trip I had coming up with my second oldest grandson, which entailed a week together in Washington D.C. (something I do when they reach 10).  I had a vision of me being able to do all the walking involved in seeing that great city and keeping up with those much younger legs.  By the time we left in April, I was down 53 pounds.  A longer vision had to do with me specifically getting down to 210 pounds and participating in the St. Louis Blues Hockey Team Fantasy Camp.  On day one of the camp in September of 2014, I stepped on the scale and was exactly 210, a loss of 70.  That experience fueled the continued vision that keeps me working out and eating healthy, and that was to play in a competitive league, which I now do.  I’m not sure how many 58 year old’s can say that on their birthday they scored a goal (the game winner), added an assist and was named the Star of the Game in an ice hockey game, but I can and it’s thanks to the vision that fueled it.  A simple why would never have got me there or sustained me during the tough times when I wanted to quit.  A why is easy to give up on, but a true vision will push through those rough patches.

So, what does that look like when you are recruiting?  Let’s look at the two examples I gave to begin with to see the difference between a “why” and a “vision”!  Most people make the mistake of saying, “So, Mr. Prospect, what is your why for looking at this opportunity?”  Then, when the prospect says, “I want to spend more time with my family?”, they stop there.  What you need to do is help them create a vision.  Ask them, “What does that look like?”  Help them get to a place where they can say something like, “I want to be able to take my family on trips around the world.  I want my children to be able to experience other cultures, try other cuisines, and gain an understanding and appreciation of the differences between countries!”  You can certainly help them get farther if you want, but that’s a great start, and that is a VISION, not just a WHY!  That is far more tangible, inspirational and more likely to remind them during tough times the reasons they want this.

Instead of, “I want to retire in two years.”, You want your prospect to say, “I want to retire to a home on the beach.  I want to get up in the morning without the need for an alarm clock, go into my back yard and pick a fresh orange and squeeze it for my morning juice, then go for a barefoot walk in the sand and let the warm ocean water wash over my feet!”  Do you see the difference?  Do you see the power?  That’s not just a reason for them joining you, that’s a reason for never giving up once they do!

Now, here’s my challenge to you.  If all you have right now is a why for being in your particular business, create a VISION!  It will make all the difference in the world.  I would suggest that you actually make a visual Vision Board!  Find pictures that represent the lifestyle you want when, not if, your business is successful.  Perhaps it is a picture of that house on the beach, or it’s a picture of a seat in first class, an expensive bottle of wine, or maybe the logo of a charity that you would really like to be able to support at a meaningful level.  Whatever it is, put it on there.  Then find a place in your office where it’s there in full sight, keeping you accountable.  You’ll see it even when you don’t know you’re looking at it and that vision will become a part of you.  When that happens, the tough patches you will experience in your business, and we all have them, won’t stand a chance.

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