Creating a Facebook Fan Page to Maximize Your Exposure to the Market

If you are unaware of the importance of using a Facebook Fan Page to market your business, as opposed to a personal page, please pay close attention to what your are about to read and see.  Facebook is pushing business owners to use Fan Pages and will, in the near future, be locking the personal accounts of people who continue the practice of marketing their business on a personal page.  Next, a Fan Page offers the marketer many advantages over a personal page:

1)  A Fan Page is more professional in appearance than a personal page on Facebook, where your business gets mixed among pictures of your family, what you had for dinner and all your other day to day activities.  Imagine the difference in trust you would have if you or a family member were needing life saving surgery and you were down to two options. The first you visit for an appointment at his office, where you are greeted by a receptionist, wait in a nicely furnished room, and then have a private consultation with the surgeon in his office.  The second works from home, where you’re greeted at the door by his wife, walk over a floor cluttered with toys and then sit down to talk to the doctor while his three kids are running around the house yelling at the top of their lungs!  Which would you pick?  A Fan Page is a must if you are going to establish yourself as a professional.  I have put together a short, step by step tutorial on how to set up a Fan Page, which you can access here:


2)  Once you have your Fan Page in place you can set up a campaign to attract targeted potential customers to your page, where you can then build a relationship with them.  By providing useful information that they can utilize to improve their lives, you build trust that puts you in a position to market successfully to them to fill a need based on the products or business that you have to offer.  As few as 100 likes to your Fan Page allows Facebook to build a “lookalike audience” (basically 1% of the Facebook users who fit the overall description of the 100 who like your page).  You can then market to this much larger audience, allowing you to reach thousands with offers.  I did a second video tutorial that walks you through setting up your first likes campaign to get those 100 likes quickly:


3)  Finally, having a Fan Page means you can develop ads around specific posts that gets the information out to targeted audiences, be it only those who like your page, your likes and their friends, your “lookalike audience”, or a specifically targeted group you designate.  One of the easiest ads you can do on a Facebook Fan Page is a post boost, where you can basically target a post that you have placed on your page and instead of just relying on organic traffic (those who visit your page on their own), you can make it seen to a larger audience of viewers, pulling new people to your site.  My third Facebook tutorial was about how to boost a post and can be found here:


While this is not a complete training on everything you need to know about marketing with a Facebook Fan Page, I feel it’s a great start for those that don’t have one, or have not considered the need to have one for their business.  I personally have two fan pages, one where I am working with home business owners to improve their results, or those trying to find a business that they can do from home:  My second Fan Page is a product specific page, where I am working with those interested in losing weight, using the program that I personally used to drop 73 pounds in less than a year:  These will give you an example of how Fan Pages can be used for very different audiences.

Hope this helps.  And, click on this link to get your copy of a Free Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet to guide you through successfully using Facebook to promote your business online: Facebook Cheat Sheet

It’s a great resource that I have used to train myself about using my Fan Page to its ultimate advantage.

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