Your Body – Your Business

There are four parts of your body that correlate quite nicely to your business and how it should be successfully structured. I think matching these up together will help you to keep yourself on track as you build the business that you desire. So, let’s jump right in to the discussion.

Your Mind

Everything created, including your business success, begins in your mind, in two very specific, but completely different ways. For your business plan, you need to tap into the analytic portion of the mind, putting together a specific, step by step, blueprint for how you will develop your business, starting with defining your target market, deciding on what marketing method you will begin with and identifying training programs that will continue to expand your knowledge base, making you more and more valuable to the target audience you have identified. The second area of your mind that you must then visit is the creative portion. This is where you will develop your long term vision of where you want your business to take you when your plan succeeds. I talked about the value and power of having a strong vision in my earlier post, Why vs. Vision, but I think it bears reinforcement here. There will be times when even the strongest plans will hit road bumps along the way to success. This is when having a strong vision, of what this endeavor means to you long term, can not only sustain you, but power you through the hard times. Your mind is an amazing thing, and I truly believe we have to power to manifest in reality what we create in our minds if the vision is powerful and a driving force behind our actions. I strongly suggest that just like your business plan should be written out step by step, you should also create a vision board that you see daily that will reinforce in your being what it is that you truly want to accomplish with your business and what it means to you, your family and anyone else that it is intended to effect. If you want a specific lifestyle, put images of it on your board. If you want to have an impact on a specific charity or group, put those images up. Whatever it is you want to achieve, that your mind has developed, your business plan or your vision of your life ahead, put it down, revisit it often and make adjustments as needed, but your mind has to be the starting point for creating the successful business you wanted when you decided to start on this adventure.

Your Mouth

Any successful business, regardless of if it is online or a more traditional model, is built on developing a strong relationship between you and your marketplace. Relationships are built on effective communication, which is why I chose the mouth to represent the second component I see as being vital to creating the business you dream of. Communicating and providing value is key to your marketplace and establishing a successful online presence that will be sustained for the long haul. You don’t have the luxury of face to face communication with a potential customer online, like you would in a traditional brick and mortar business, so you have to show to an even greater extent, in my opinion, that there is a reason they should do business with you. Blogging, Social Media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PinTrest, etc.) are all great ways to connect with people and deliver information. One of the most powerful mediums for building a relationship online, and one that many are the most reluctant to embrace, is video marketing. By putting your face out there and letting people hear your voice and learn from you in a more direct way than written word alone, you will become more real to those following what you are doing and a relationship can be established much faster, if you are deliver real value that they can use, so please get over your fear of the camera as fast as possible!

Your Heart

Your business needs to be a reflection of you and who you are. It needs a soul, and that will come from the heart. People instinctively know when they are dealing with someone who is trying to be someone they aren’t, so be yourself, be genuine, approach people from the heart. The best laid plan, the grandest vision are nothing without a belief system in place that is honest and real. I come from a background where I have spent 35 years in education, so one of the things that drew me to network and internet marketing was an understanding that in order to be successful you had to educate, provide value and unless you were helping others succeed, there was no real path for you to succeed. This is without a doubt a business model that not only can be, but should be, a reflection of who you are and that I find very appealing. Being a Wizard of Oz fan I know that the Scarecrow, who wanted a brain, is most viewers favorite character. But, I always felt more drawn to the Tin Man and his yearning for a heart. History is full of a lot of brilliant people who perpetrated horrible acts because they were guided completely by their brain and not their heart. If your heart is in the right place as you deal with people online, providing them with valuable content they can use to be successful, you will build the kind of relationships that will be the basis for an empowering business.

Your Feet

The final body part that I want to relate to your business are your feet. Just like you, your business needs direction. The body can only move forward in the direction that the feet are pointed, so it’s important that you monitor your business closely on an ongoing basis to make sure that it is pointed in the right direction. Your feet are also very important in giving your body a solid foundation and keep it balanced. Utilizing the concepts discussed in the first three sections, the mind, mouth and heart, you should be able to develop a sound foundation for your business, but keep careful watch that none of these are being ignored or in need of adjustment from time to time or you could find that your business is no longer grounded and balanced. It is the feet that keeps everything above them supported and upright, so when you look at your own feet in the future, use them as a reminder that you need to check from time to time to make sure the products of the mind, mouth and heart are upright and focused in a positive way that isn’t going to take your business off course.

One final thought on your body and your business. Building a business in any form is hard work and takes a lot of dedication and time. A majority of home business owners start their businesses while still holding down a full time job and then working on their “set me free” opportunity before and after work, and this can be draining at times. Be sure to take your health seriously, as it can be your biggest asset in the early days of building a business, when sleep can be a thing that eludes you much of the time because you are pushing hard for success and burning the Midnight oil. Be good to your body, knowing that some things have to wait till tomorrow and healthy foods, along with adequate sleep are assets to your business in the long run too! Trust me, I speak from experience here.

I hope these comparisons helped and that you can utilize them to remind yourself of the important components of your business and how to best provide value to your customer base. If I can help in any way, please let me know. Feel free to shoot me an email and we can chat about any issues or frustrations you may be having in your business endeavors. Also, I would invite you to visit and like my Facebook page, and like the page if you haven’t already, and while you’re there, click on the email app on the left of the page to join my private newsletter, where you can get tips that I won’t be revealing anywhere else. Thanks for reading.

Advertising On Facebook Without the Risk of Your Account Being Shut Down

I’m just going to say it. Facebook doesn’t like us. By us I mean those of us with home based businesses that can be referred to as Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company distributors. In fact, if you use those terms in discussions on your Facebook page, even if it is a Fan Page specifically designated as a business, you will at the very least be extremely frustrated as you see attempted boosted post after post rejected. At the very worst, you run the risk of having your page completely locked down and banned from Facebook for good. That being said, there’s no reason to abandon Facebook as a viable resource to building your business or using it for what it is, a great means for advertising and building your brand!  So, what’s the answer?

Native Advertising

While it doesn’t like Network Marketing or MLM, Facebook loves native advertising. So, what do we mean by that. Blog sites are great examples of how you can utilize native advertising, and why more and more Facebook marketers, who never even contemplated blogging in the past are now embracing it. A blog post, such as this one, that is hosted on a site separate from Facebook is a great way to utilize Facebook advertising to the followers who have liked your page, without running foul of their bias against work from home opportunities. You can do a brief introduction of a topic on Facebook, such as talking about how advertising there is great for business and then send them to a link to your blog that then goes into greater detail about strategies that can be employed, like boosting posts, likes campaigns, etc. And, while they are on your blog site they could see ads (native to your blog page and not Facebook) that leads them to information on affiliate products you are promoting, a link to your business opportunity, or anything else that you wish to represent there, and Facebook will be cool with that. As long as you aren’t sending them from Facebook directly to a “Make Money from Home” site that hypes how much they can make, but instead are providing good quality content that is educational, you will be golden.  You are strictly sending them to an article on your blog that provides them with valuable information, clicking on any of the ads you may have on your site is then their choice to make, and Facebook has no issue if they do, in fact, they won’t know.

What Kind of Content Should You Provide?

Once you have sharply defined your market, immerse yourself in it. By that, I mean learn everything you can about the market you have selected to work in and make yourself valuable by taking what you learn and turning it into information that your followers can utilize. I’ve discussed in a previous article the importance of branding yourself, and providing valuable content on a consistent basis is the best way, and that can best be accomplished by constantly investing in yourself through training that you can then teach. It works in any market, if you are a home business owner, or one who’s business is the more traditional brick and mortar kind. The more valuable you can make yourself to the marketplace, the more people will visit your page and be inclined to check out your native advertising that you can host on a site such as a blog. Oh, and it doesn’t have to be your blog, though I personally believe it’s better if it is.  Perhaps the company that you are a distrbutor for has a great blog with information about working from home, that also provides a link to information on getting started and you have your own personal link that you can send traffic to from Facebook, that can work as well.  Most affiliate products have such sites, as they are well aware of the value of native advertising and getting the most from Facebook. Utilize these resources, but please strongly consider creating your own content and building your reputation with those that like your Facebook page.  So, it’s a win – win. You become more and more valuable to your marketplace and you can utilize one of the best vehicles for building a business online – Facebook, without risking being banned.

If you want to know more about native advertising, Facebook marketing or other subjects related to creating an online presence that will allow you to develop your business, regardless of what kind it happens to be, please contact me at, and click on the image below for a preview of the best Facebook training course I have found.

Thanks for reading!

Facebook Marketing

Just Be Yourself – You are a Leader Already

Many people who start a business from home get all caught up in doubting themselves and the gifts that they bring to the table just by who they are.  We all come from different backgrounds, trials and tribulations.  We all have a story to tell as to why we want to be different from the rest of the world and make it with a home business, and that story has power.  You just may not know it when you first start out.

Cloning the Guru Doesn’t Work

Unfortunately, many people fail because they never find what it is about them that people would want to follow, because they are too busy trying in reinvent themselves into someone else.  They see this guy, or this woman who is successful, and they think, erroneously, that they have to be some kind of clone of that person.  They have to dress just like them, talk just like them and on and on and on.  It’s just not so.  Now, I’m not going to tell you not to learn from those people. Absolutely absorb as much information from that type of person in whatever niche market you have selected and implement and teach what you learn, but do it with your style.  I am on training as much as I can fit it into my schedule, and I always try to implement at least one thing from something I have invested time in, as well as pass what I learn on to the people I am trying to serve, but, I know that I can’t be anyone else but me, or it just won’t work.  It’s why you will see a lot of discussion about branding YOU in many of my posts.  If you just make what you do, teach and the way you approach your business a reflection of who you are, there will be people who will relate to you, like you and step forward to work with you. Make what you do who you are, don’t try to make yourself into something you’re not.  It just doesn’t work.  People can tell if you are trying to be something you’re not, and they won’t follow you anywhere.  In fact, they will run as hard as they can.

Play to Your Strengths, But Challenge Yourself to Grow

 I love to write.  I look for any excuse to write.  So, posting on Facebook, Twitter and here in this blog are a treat for me.  It’s how I’ve chosen to get out there and serve the people I want to work with.  However, all those videos you’ve seen popping up on my various pages where not something I would have done on my own.  I had to be challenged through hearing it over and over on training after training that video was the single best way to build a relationship with your audience.  It made sense, but I really was not looking forward to starting them.  Hopefully, they are getting better and will continue to do so.  I say this to tell you that if you are starting your business, or just struggling with one you’ve had for a while, look for an area that plays to a strength you have and make that the cornerstone of how you build your business.  It’s you putting your best skills forward and that’s a great place to get started.  But, while you are doing that, invest in yourself to get training in the areas that you’re not as strong in and then jump in and put that in your business as well, but always doing it in a way that is genuine and true to who you are.  Remember, people don’t join business plans, compensation plans, company founders or even outstanding products, they join people they know, like and trust.  You have everything inside you right now, that with a little confidence, training and effort, will make you someone people will want to join and learn from.  So, be you, have fun and build your dreams.  And, if I can help, please reach out and contact me!


The Power of Consistency

There are many keys to building a successful business, regardless of if it is a traditional brick and mortar one, or one based on the internet, but few if any have the power of just being consistent.  Businesses are built day by day, and anyone who sets out to create a serious income from home needs to be prepared for the fact that it takes time, but, the more consistency you bring to the way you approach things, the faster you can expect to see results.  Far too often, people come into a home business and treat it as a hobby, instead of something that has the power to create a serious stream of income.  Some of this has to do with the relatively inexpensive cost of joining a home business opportunity.  Even if you join one that costs a couple thousand dollars to start (many can be much cheaper and some can be higher), compared to starting a franchise in the fast food industry, this is a small investment and many just don’t take it as seriously as they would if they had ten times that amount on the line.  Yet, I know home business owners who are taking home salaries far higher than those franchise owners, and they are doing it from anywhere they want, instead of being tied to their business in a specific location.

What Does Consistency Look Like?

Consistency starts with a routine that you do every day.  Here are a few of the items that I think should be a priority for the serious home business owner on a daily basis, but you need to develop your own list:

  1. Contact leads that have raised their hands for more information.  This is a must on a daily basis to make sure that you are reaching out in a timely basis.  If they don’t hear from you quickly after making a request to be contacted, they will move on to someone else!
  2. Create content for your selected vehicles to connect with people (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your blog, etc.).  Giving value to your audience is what will keep them coming back to visit you and it is how you build relationships.
  3. Make time for personal training.  This can be a course you purchased to improve your own business, a training webinar, session with your personal coach, etc.  By constantly learning, you are doing two things, 1) you are staying up to date on the best practices in marketing your niche business, and 2) you are making yourself more valuable to those who choose to join you, either directly in your business, as a customer, or as a coaching client.  If you are investing in yourself though information products, webinar training, coaching, or live events, you will never run out of content to talk about on your various social media marketing efforts.  Your notes, and you should always take notes, are pure gold that can be used to develop topics for videos, blog posts and updates on places like Facebook, etc.
  4. Plan for tomorrow.  Make a list of the leads that need to be contacted the next day, the training you want to do and the topic of your next content piece.  That way you hit the ground running the next day.  Many home business owners get started while still holding down a full time job, so time is a premium.  Having a plan for the day as soon as it starts knocks procrastination on its butt before it can get a hold on you.

Consistency and Hard Times

Not only is being consistent a powerful way to build a business, it can be your greatest ally when times get tough.  Having a consistent plan gives you direction and once it becomes a part of your routine, it’s next to impossible to knock you off course, even when things get rough.  Whether the tough times are business related, when you have people leave your business, an ad doesn’t work like you thought it should, whatever the issue, or it’s a personal situation, developing consistency early on will help you refocus and push through, where others will throw up their hands and quit.  Many, many times people quit their businesses just before a major breakthrough would have happened, had they just been able to continue on, and many times it’s a lack of consistency in how they approach their daily activities that makes that impossible.  While I will push you to get out of your comfort zone as often as you can to try new things for your business (like making videos to promote what you do), we all find something reassuring about a routine that we are used to.  Developing a consistent routine that impacts your business in a positive manner daily, will not only sustain you through the tough times, they will help you survive them with your business intact and poised to continue its growth.

Hope this helps and that you take it to heart and develop a daily “Consistency Plan” that is designed to build your business and enable you to be the most productive person you can be, day by day.  After all, that’s how businesses are built!


Using Video to Personalize Your Capture Pages and Other Advertisements

In my last post I discussed how to utilize video to engage your audience and build a relationship that simply can’t be accomplished through written word alone.  By being able to see and hear you, a bond is established that helps to build a connection that can lead to a business relationship that is beneficial to both you and them.  Even if you are delivering excellent information that is highly reliable, if you’re only using a written version of it you are leaving a lot to chance that a connection can be made between you and the reader.  So again, I urge you to use video to it’s fullest.  All the top marketers are, if that serves as a hint.

Now, video can also have a major impact on your direct marketing efforts, where you only have seconds to convince a potential buyer to make the decision to invest in something you have to offer.  I’m going to offer two sample funnels, both pointing to the same end, a chance to check out information regarding a marketing system being used by top money earners in the internet marketing industry.  One will be a traditional capture page with a headline and a brief call to action.  The other will actually have a video message that I recorded and the call to action will come from me, someone they have now had a chance to see and hear, rather than just some words on a page.

Traditional Capture Page:

Video Free Capture Page

Capture Page with Video:

Video Capture Page

Click on the links and compare the two capture pages.  Both are designed to send visitors to the same information, the first by a headline and brief information, and the second by a personal invitation from me.  Now, I much prefer the video ad, because one, in my testing, it is getting me leads, while I am not attracting leads through the more traditional capture page, and two, once inside, they will get a second video from me welcoming them to the information, further laying the foundation for a working relationship together.  Video can be a powerful alley in your marketing efforts and should not be treated lightly.

Now, if you want more information on how to utilize video to your advantage, either in a direct relationship effort or in sales marketing, I am always happy to talk to you.  Just contact me at and we can schedule a Skype call where I can share my desktop and really walk you through my plan and what’s working for me.

And, if you want to know how I created those capture pages, both with video and without, and the marketing system that I rely on to develop and expand my internet presence, then simply put your information into either of those links and you will be taken to a great video presentation on the power that you can literally have to fuel your business building efforts.  And, once you get to the video, look above it and you will see a download link for a f.r.e.e. Facebook Cheat Sheet as a gift for just checking it out.

Utilizing Video to Build and Engage Your Audience

I know that many of you won’t want to hear this, but video is one of, if not the best avenue for building a relationship with your audience.  By seeing and hearing you, they get to know you in a way that reading posts or emails from you just can’t accomplish.  I say you won’t want to hear this because nearly everyone, who  does for the first time, cringes at the thought of being video taped and then put out there for everyone to see.  I certainly know I did.  And that was right before accepting a challenge to post a video a day for 90 days!  Talk about jumping in with both feet!  But, that’s what it takes to get good at anything, right?  So, here are some tips on using video for your Facebook, Twitter or other social media posts.

  1. Just do it!  Yes, your first videos will suck.  Put them up anyway.  You’re human, not a machine and letting your audience see that isn’t at all bad.  These may be the same people who you will be coaching or partnering with in the future and when you tell them to start doing video, they can think back about when you first started and how much better your videos are and realize that they too can do this.  And, you’re videos will get better the more you do them (although I have a lot of outtakes that I may put together for an entertaining video at some point in the future).
  2. Speak from the heart, not from a script.  Yes, prepare in your head what you want to say, but scripts make you sound robotic and very few will every want to follow someone who doesn’t sound genuine.
  3. Introduce yourself and where you’re from, even though you expect your audience to know who you are for the most part.  I have 100+ new likes to my Facebook page and dozens new on Twitter daily, so it never hurts to remind them of who you are and where you’re located (you never know when someone from your local area will hear that you live there too and want to reach out).  Also, a reason for an intro is that sometimes there is a lag time on the internet when a video starts, so if they miss anything at the beginning it’s your intro and not the really important stuff you’re wanting to get out to them!
  4. Keep it short, especially for Social Media sites.  Attention span is short on places like Facebook, so keep it to roughly a minute or less.
  5. End your video with a Call to Action!  I use my videos routinely to send viewers to more information on a given topic that I introduce, a new blog post (yep, I’ll be doing one for this article for sure), a link to a training or information product that I have tried and feel would be beneficial to building their business as well.

Here’s an example of a video I did where I talked to my audience about common fears when it comes to making a home business successful.  I had already done a blog post on this topic, but I reinforced it with a video, where they could hear and see me, rather than just rely on my written words.

I will end here, but there’s another discussion regarding video that needs to be had and that is how it can be used to enhance your marketing endeavors.  So, look for that to be the topic of my next post!

Hope this was of benefit.  Now, get to taping those videos and get them out there in front of your market.